Concrete Resurfacing Systems

Material Selection


What is Uro Stone?

Uro stone is a unique product that can be used to mimic slate or natural stone. This product is ideal for resurfacing existing concrete including pool decks, walks, patios, and floors. With unlimited design capabilities, it can be hand crafted and colored to compliment any surround.

What is Epoxy Stone?

Epoxy Stone flooring is an unequaled blend of natural stone and specially formulated epoxy that is expertly hand troweled to create a smooth, slip-resistant floor covering surface. The result is a showroom quality floor. Epoxy Stone topcoat adds a shiny, diamond-like finish, which enhances the beauty and color of natural stone that will last for a lifetime.

Epoxy Stone is a unique floor covering system that is durable, long-lasting and stain resistant.

Epoxy Stone covers unsightly concrete and its thickness can be adjusted up or down to correct uneven concrete floors.

Epoxy Stone flooring is a porous product that allows moisture/ dampness to pass through the matrix eliminating puddling and leaving the surface safe, clean and dry. Water, hydrostatic pressure, even flooding will not harm a Epoxy Stone floor covering.

There are many imitations of Epoxy Stone on the market. With Creative Concrete LLC you can be assured that when you choose Epoxy Stone as your material choice, you will receive the real thing.
Creative Concrete LLC is an authorized certified dealer of Epoxy Stone.

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